Not just for toast!

Great with cold meats, cheese, roast dinners, curry, on sandwiches & salads, with stews & much, much more...

Delicious Lavender Jelly

Tomato & Hot Chilli Relish

Spiced Apple & Thyme Jam

Sweet Beetroot Chutney

Carrot & Cardimon Jelly



We pride our selves in supplying only the freshest food, with no unnatural preservatives or chemicals. All products are made fresh to order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Only natural preservatives including alcohol, salt, sugar and vinegars are used to increase our foods shelf life. All packaging is sterilised and heat treated to ensure there is no food spoilage. All preserves should be kept in the fridge and will last for 6 months. Once opend should be consumed within 4 weeks.



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